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Therapy Services

Whether you are dealing with mental health disorders or situational depression, New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy is here to guide you through a healthy and therapeutic process of reaching insight. Reaching insight enables all clients to look deep for exploration into their current behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, to learn how they manifested, so that they can explore healthier options and techniques to increase the quality of living. To name a few, we provide treatment modalities for Adults and Children to include but isn’t limited to;

-Mental Health Disorders
-Medication Management referral
-Conduct Disorders
-Work Stress
-Personality Disorders
-Substance Use

-Family Issues
-Couples/Marriage Issues
-Individual Life Skills/Skills Training
-Sexuality/Sexual Orientation concerns
-Paraphilic Disorders
-Life Transitions

Treatment Models

-Dialectical Behavior Therapy
-Cognitive Behavior Therapy
-Brief Solution Focused Therapy
-Motivational Interviewing

-Cognitive Grief Therapy
-Trauma Therapy
-Play Therapy
-Medication Management referral


If contracted with your insurance provider, all rates agreed upon are honored by New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy. Please be prepared to pay Co-Pay, if applicable.

If self-pay, payment will be collected prior to services rendered. Please speak with your Therapist to discuss further if there is an issue.

Self-Pay Rates:
Initial Intake Session: $200 60 minutes Intake includes all initial assessment inventories
Individual Session: $150 60 minutes
Group Session: $30 90 minutes Per individual in the group
Family Session: $175 90 minutes Parents, Children, In-laws
Mind Spa services: $40 per session/hour
Moderator services, conflict resolution, and marriage and home-buying services: $75 per session/hour

***New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy believes that mental health is just as important as physical health and everyone should have access. We offer a sliding scale to accommodate individuals who may be experiencing financial hardship or has a less than average income.

Process to qualify for sliding scale:
You will be required to send a legible copy of your last 30 days check stubs to an identified portal for evaluation. You will be notified of your rate for therapy sessions within 24-48 hours. Clients that take advantage of sliding scale rates are subject to the same policies as all clients.

Last minute cancellations:
All last-minute cancellations; less than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment, will be charged for their full session. This payment must be made prior to rescheduling appointment. Please provide a 24-hour notice for cancellations so that someone who needs services can take advantage of your slot.

Late fees will apply for last minute cancellations and must be collected prior to rescheduling. Keep in mind that your therapy slot is valuable and others may have been turned away due to your slot being filled. We want to service all clients in the order received and in a timely fashion as well as with decency and order.

Mind Spa:
Venting Session: Sometimes just being able to vent in a safe place where the information will not be repeated, EVER, is therapy. New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy offers venting sessions as well. You’ve heard of the business models where you can punch a bag, break glass, and scream and yell, but the healthiest way to release tension is not with aggression but to talk about it and talk through it. New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy will facilitate a safe and therapeutic environment for you to speak your mind, unapologetically.

Relaxation Session:
Of course you can relax at home! Are you really relaxing at home? Studies show that taking the television out of your room enables you to enjoy a quality night’s rest. Studies also show that the mind doesn’t shut off in certain environments thus, making it more difficult to truly relax. New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy offers a safe and therapeutic environment for you to relax in a comfortable massage chair without the worry of any tasks. You will have an hour of peace and without your cell phone. This option also offers soft, relaxing music, engaging in deep breathing exercises, or guided meditation.

New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy accepts:
Blue Cross Blue Sheild
United Healthcare
Traditional Medicaid
Community Health Choice
Humana Military
Tricare East

We Also Accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu

Ages served at New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy

-Children (3-12)

-Adolescents (13-17)

-Adults (18 +)

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