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We understand how difficult it could be to share intimate details and information with someone. This is why at New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy we have the best-trained in the field that realize how vital building rapport with clients is. Not only are our therapists well-trained, with experience in community mental health. as well as private practice, we work from a place of passion and competency.

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New Beginning Mind Spa & Therapy

Come experience the secrets of peace and well-being.

“Signature Services & Individualized Attention. New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy is Counseling and Treatment at its best.” – Iesha Anderson

The vision of New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy is purpose-driven. We envision working with individuals; children and adults, couples, families, and groups to reach their desired destination mentally. New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy empowers all clients to accomplish their identified goals collaboratively with a therapist who will help guide the experience.


What is Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, is a form of treatment aimed at relieving emotional distress and mental health problems. Provided by any of a variety of trained professionals—psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, or licensed counselors—it involves talking about, examining, and gaining insight into difficulties faced by individuals, couples, or families.

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All treatment plans are individualized and according to each individual’s need and consent. Your treatment plan will be one that your therapist will collaborate with you on after initial intake session.

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Mind Spa

Mind Spa services are different than therapy in that the client is working on inner peace and chooses New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy to facilitate this need. These services are for someone who may already have therapy techniques under their belt and just want a quiet place to relax for an hour, venting without ruining relationships, someone who finds it very difficult to restrict themselves from their phones and daily life hassles to relax, someone who needs a third party to moderate an issue that is causing dis-ease in relationships, conflict resolution, marriage and home-buying stressors.

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The Secrets of Insight

We are here to guide you through a healthy and therapeutic process of reaching insight. Reaching insight enables all clients to look deep for exploration into their current behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, to learn how they manifested, so that they can explore healthier options and techniques to increase the quality of living.

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The Secret of Relaxation

Of course you can relax at home, but are you really relaxing at home? Studies show that taking the television out of your room enables you to enjoy a quality night’s rest. Studies also show that the mind doesn’t shut off in certain environments thus, making it more difficult to truly relax. New Beginning Mind Spa and Therapy offers a safe and therapeutic environment for you to relax in a comfortable massage chair without the worry of any tasks.

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